The objective of Dental Clinic Dr. Saki is to provide exceptional full dental services for dental structure care, protection, and repair. We are a professionally trained team in various dental areas, and each member brings a unique and satisfying experience to patients who are stepping on our threshold. This means that every aspect of oral health can be assured in our clinic, on the 13th of September district diagonally located with the Prosper Plaza, on Mihail Sebastian Street, no. 130, Bucharest. The purpose of Dental Clinic Dr. Saki is to provide a comfortable and pleasant dental visit to their patients.

Our great dental team provides the most advanced dental services, with superior professional standards, meeting the highest expectations of the patient. From dental implants to a revolutionary technique for hyaluronic acid injection, Dental Clinic Dr. Saki covers all kinds of interventions in dental medicine. A single location meets all the patients’ oral health needs.

Dental Clinic Dr. Saki has extensive training and experience in dealing with the oral health needs of patients at any stage of dental development. Dental Clinic Dr. Saki offers its patients, regardless of their age, the whole range of dental treatments which help the aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of teeth. Do you want to benefit from getting the best comfort in terms of the oral health of the whole family? Please ask about the appointment of a same-day meeting block. You don’t need anymore to schedule more visits for each member of your family in our dental clinic.

In our practice, we want each patient to feel comfortable from the moment they step into our clinic. That’s why we use warm reception and we strive to know all about each patient individually and along with their family in order to finally offer them a more healthy and attractive smile.

Dental Clinic Dr. Saki uses the most advanced dental technology to fulfill its mission of providing patients with complete and proper oral care. Due to dental innovations, it’s possible to perform medical procedures using digital technologies and manual labor without pain, all of this in a short time, thus promoting faster wound healing.

Severe dental pain should never be ignored. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to call Dental Clinic Dr. Saki. We’ll do our best to provide you with immediate consultation and we’ll prepare you for pain management.

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