Dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is a dental specialty that includes a series of dental treatments aiming the aesthetic rehabilitation of the teeth, together with the restoration of dento-maxillary functions.

Aesthetic treatment is recommended if the teeth were affected by decay or are bleached-out, worn down or chipped, if the previous restorations are unattractive or the teeth are not aligned properly in the arcade and the imperfections are not significant, if the patient wishes to change the shape, the size, and color of the teeth or the spaces between the teeth.

Materials used in cosmetic dentistry closely mimic the natural dental tissues. They have particularly good physical and mechanical properties, such as low shrinkage, low thermal conductivity, and high resistance to chewing forces.

Competent specialists from Dental Clinic Dr. Saki create and maintain a healthy, bright smile through one or more dental aesthetic procedures such as:

The dental whitening procedure helps to remove dental stains, thus restoring the natural color of the teeth. Dental Clinic Dr. Saki offers a personalized and professional treatment that is remarkable through safe, effective and time-tested results. Professional teeth whitening is one of the best known dental aesthetic procedures available today. The results can last for many years, with appropriate lifestyle changes and occasional snaps.

A crown is a type of dental restoration, which fully comprises the visible part of a tooth or a dental implant. Dental crowns are required when the tooth is damaged to such an extent that it cannot be reconstituted from composite materials or partially restored by a dental inlay.

  • Full ceramic crown (ceramic-pressed crown)
    • The ceramic-pressed crown is a crown made of high-quality ceramics without metallic support, through various faceting processes that perfectly reproduce the texture, translucency and natural aesthetics of the teeth.
    • It eliminates the possible rejection reactions or the appearance of inflamed gums – these are one of the most important advantages of the ceramic-pressed crown.
    • Due to ceramics, the crown doesn’t bleached-out and it has excellent mastication resistance.
    • Dental ceramics have a wide range of colors to make the aesthetic result exceptional.
    • For a perfect smile restoration, the full ceramic crown is the most stylish and natural solution for dental restoration.
  • Metal-ceramic dental crown
    • The ceramic crown on the metallic structure, also called the metal-ceramic crown, is a traditional crown type made up of a supporting metal frame that provides resistance and over which several layers of ceramics are applied.
    • Metal resistance and aesthetic qualities of ceramics provide a high quality and lasting dental crown over time.
    • It presents chromatic stability for the devitalized teeth crowns and restores the morphology of front, posterior and lateral teeth.
    • To restore the teeth functionality, the metal-ceramic dental crown is the most effective solution.
  • Ceramic dental crowns on a zirconia support
    • The ceramic dental crowns on zirconia support use this hard and durable material as a support over which is applied the porcelain, completely covering a tooth or a dental implant.
    • Since zirconia-ceramic restorations don’t require a metallic frame and best mimic teeth translucency, this helps to improve the aesthetics of the smile.
    • The ceramic dental crowns on zirconia support have excellent resistance to the masticatory forces and reduce the accumulation of bacterial plaque.
    • In order to obtain a white and perfect smile, the ceramic dental crowns on zirconia support are the latest technology in the field of dental aesthetics.
  • Zirconia dental crown
    • Zirconia dental crown provides translucency to teeth and creates a vitality similar to that of natural teeth.
    • Due to the stability and resistance of zirconia, it can be very thinly sliced, allowing the application of translucency layers, which provides the foundation for a very natural restoration.
    • Zirconia dental crown has a high tolerance to dental tissues and provides aesthetically enhanced longevity.
    • Since zirconia is devoid of thermal conductivity, this helps to eliminate the pain sensations at extreme temperature.

Why zirconia?

  • Best aesthetic result – it mimics the appearance and natural color of the teeth;
  • The best option for metal allergies – 100% non-allergic;
  • Total biocompatibility with dental structures and gums – it doesn’t cause adverse effects to the human body;
  • Accuracy – Specialized CAD-CAM technology guarantees a great aesthetic result.
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