Dental emergencies

Dental Clinic Dr. Saki offers the perfect combination of 24-hour emergency dental services at low prices and superior quality and an excellent team of professionals.
Dental Clinic Dr. Saki treats a wide range of dental problems and tooth diseases, approaching each patient in a unique and individual way, according to their needs. Our goal is to achieve the most effective and modern dental treatments for any dental condition encountered by the patient.

Don’t hesitate to call our clinic – Dental Clinic Dr. Saki for any dental emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week! You’ll find competent & professional doctors, modern equipment, high-quality services and a relaxing atmosphere.

Some of the most common dental emergency situations requiring immediate treatment:

A dental fracture
Dental fractures occur as a result of eating hard foods, but they can also be caused as a result of the road & domestic traumas through falling or shocks.

An acute pulpitis
An acute pulpitis is a dental problem that involves dental pulp inflammation, a condition caused by tooth decays or injuries.

A dental abscess
In this case, the infection in or around the root of the tooth can cause intermittent or sharp pain. In addition to pain, the symptoms include gum inflammation, swelling of the face and, in some cases, tooth loss. Medication can temporarily reduce pain; however, dental treatment will be necessary.

A gingival abscess
It occurs when food debris remains stuck between the gum and the tooth and it can cause gingival retraction.

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