Pediatric dentistry


Paedodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with dental care & treatments of children’s teeth. This special group of patients – from babies, toddlers, children and young adults (those under 18 years of age) has, of course, its own specific requirements. One of the most important skills a dentist must have is to become friend with the little ones, helping them overcome the difficult moments during a medical consultation and dental treatment. The dentists from Dental Clinic Dr. Saki will discuss all the options before any dental procedures and they will answer all the questions the little patient and parents will have.

Dental Health & Hygiene for children
It refers to:

  • The proper brushing technique,
  • a healthy, balanced diet,
  • the most relevant & modern methods to prevent tooth decay – sealing molars.

Our clinical team provides a fun educational environment where kids of all ages can learn about the importance of a good dental hygiene.

Growth and development
Unlike adults, in the case of children, tooth decay affects faster the dental pulp, so there is no need for a large deficiency of dental substance to cause the lesion to reach the nerve or even to form an abscess. If the deciduous teeth are lost too quickly, the permanent teeth might grow more crowded. The need for dummies, thumbs, and other comforters are children’s basic preoccupations during the first months of their existence, and most kids stop doing it between the ages 2-4 years old. If this habit continues after the age of 4 years, it’s recommended a dental appointment, because permanent teeth begin to develop, whose growth may be affected.

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